2018 Hillclimb Championship

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This years Hill Climb Champs was run off in torrential rain that persisted throughout the day. 

Many riders took the option of getting to the start by car but there were still a few hardy souls who rode out to the event including Steve White and Matt Morris!

The adverse weather obviously put a dampener on most riders ambitions with a much reduced field taking to the start line.

Just 10 riders, six from Newport C. C., three Wheelers and one Mid Shropshire Wheeler. The notable absentees were the Clarion Clubs who, in recent years, have had their annual meeting in Ironbridge on the same weekend.

The hot tea and coffee laid on by Jim & Jane Morrison of Darcy's restaurant was welcomed equally by competitors, officials and spectators on this cold and very wet morning - all proceeds going to charity.

So it was that each rider had to battle not just the incline but wind, rain and slippery leaves as well, consequently most folks times were slightly longer that previous years.

However, Alex Berg of the Wheelers was a notable exception going 4 seconds faster than last year to clock 4 minutes 11 seconds with Steve White not far behind with 4 minutes 29 seconds.

But it was Matt Morris who yet again proved to be the fastest Wheeler and for the 5th consecutive year!

Matts' time was 3 minutes 46 seconds, just 8 seconds slower than last year.

Matt & Steve rode home only for Steve to puncture at the bottom of Coalport bank, and we all know what a joy it is to mend a puncture in the rain!

But Steve wasn't finished getting wet.... his daughter was celebrating her birthday with a pool party in the afternoon!!!!

You can easily recognise Steve White he is the guy with gills and fins, able to hold his breath for 4 min 29 seconds!

Well done to all three riders and many thanks to the Newport C. C. for putting the event on.

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Hill Climb