Chairman's Message April 2020

Monthly message from the Chairman,

Firstly I hope everyone is well and that your families are too, although it’s possible that some of you may be affected with the Covid-19 illness & even losing loved ones during this terrible pandemic.

As our lives are at a bit of a standstill to say the least we have cancelled the immediate club committee meeting although issues can be dealt with as they arise. Right now many have more pressing issues than being on a bike, but cycling and the club is waiting for us when we do get through this.

Some of us are used to having virtual meetings and some are not, but we don’t want a meeting just for the sake of it, although in light of the current Covid-19 virtual/distance meetings may well help in the future as more and more of us are using Teams, Skype, Zoom etc for business and meetings.

I don’t think its necessary for our monthly meeting but I can see the benefits in getting some discussions or meetings without leaving home in the future as we have all had to adapt to the social distancing by using technology to meet up. let’s see what happens over the coming weeks without getting too far ahead of ourselves.

If anything does arise needing a meeting urgently then we do have the capability of arranging virtual meetings so that we are still keeping our distance, but hopefully in cycling terms all we are concerned about is when we can cycle as a group whenever that is.

In February I don’t think we would have thought that this virus was going to have the global impact that it has had and we all thought April would have put it past us. Right now we don’t have a crystal ball but we have to assume that this is going to take a lot longer and many months of disruption ahead, so trying to plan is virtually impossible.

When the day comes and it will, we will get the green light to continue our cycling so we will work together to arrange as many events and activities that we can.

Meanwhile enjoy Zwift, solo or family rides and get as much exercise as you can and lets all try to stay safe.

Best wishes.
Gary Burke