Chairmans report May 2022

Update from the Chairman and the club committee meeting held at Fordhouses cricket club.

Double figures in attendance, considering five committee members were organising or participating at the TT event at the same time. Who says we can’t double task.

Dealing with all the usual reports and welcoming Charlotte Downing to her first committee meeting, the big news is the announcement that the club has awarded life membership to Robin Kyte for more than 50 years service to the club and that he has now stood down as President of the club.

With everything Robin and Jane have done for the club, we will all have the opportunity later in the year at the AGM to honour and thank them for the time and work they have both put in to the club and cycling. Don’t worry he’s still about and riding his bikes one at a time of course.

We learned that the road race league has been cancelled so we are looking to hear more in due course from Matt Cullis.

Shaun Mason reported that the track league starts 8th June and the Youth Omnium 16th July. Battle of the tracks is still as scheduled all subject to numbers.

Dave Brookes reminded us that the Falklands 40 will arrive on 8th June in the daytime so looking for volunteer riders to do the 40 laps with them all. Stuart Anderson MP has agreed to promote the event. Dave is also arranging our next charity donation to be presented to Saint Columba’s day centre.

Chris James reported that we collected £228 from the John Kriskinans ride and ‘100 in 8’ is scheduled for 18th Sept.

As you may have read Dave Viner was our guest from Halesowen CC who is campaigning for the West Midlands to get an indoor velodrome built.

A lot of support is building and as the two main cycling clubs in the area we discussed well passed our closing time and both in agreement that a business plan is supported to get behind a project whether built in Bham or any of the Black Country 4 boroughs. Both clubs have been talking to MP’s who are well behind any business case as well as Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands.

Thank you to everyone that keeps putting their valued time into keeping the club moving forward and please keep encouraging people to get down to the track and to join in whatever the club events we are promoting.

Keep stretching

Gary Burke