Chairman's update June 2021

Another month goes by and still not quite there. We had a great turnout at the June virtual committee meeting yesterday evening so keeping you all posted on club news.

We are looking to get the club Covid compliant by WBC if possible which will allow us to apply for a grant worth £1000 but we will see. John Ireson and the Guy family will be organising the Ride for Joe with our support and we will be announcing a date for the 100 mile reliability ride for sometime in August or September once we have cleared a day that does not clash with other cycling events. Matt Cullis is making good progress on arranging the Road Race which has had to change from the old two counties course. The Track has been well attended throughout May and more coaches are now on board with others being trained up. Our membership has grown yet again month on month.

The TT Tuesday races along with WRC sharing the duties are well attended and Mark Primmer is really pleased with everyone.

Unfortunately the sheds at the stadium were broken into, but the stadium itself lost a lot of machinery and we got lucky as the Derny bikes were not stolen. Big thanks to Lee and Sally attending on Sunday to transfer our affects to the bike sheds for safety.

Ros reported that kit sales are continuous with child’s sizes selling swiftly at the track through Natalie so probably further orders will be made, meanwhile adults are ordered individually through the portal. It was good to go out with the classics on Sunday and seeing 12 in the new kit was very impressive so well done to those that are selling and wearing the New Jersey’s ( they looked like a club). Nicola Mumford has redesigned the home web page for a fresher look which you will see soon once Simon gets his time back (he promises).

I’m meeting up with Hugh Porter to have a chat about the commonwealth games next year as a former World Champ and TV commentator and commonwealth games champ I’m looking to make sure we put Wolverhampton City on the cycling map again and hoping to catch up with Andy Tennant also, so that we get as much exposure as possible for the city, the Club and cycling generally.

Also hoping that the club will be able to put on a couple of events in July or August aided by support from BC to encourage more people to come and have a go. If all goes to plan Lucy will be coordinating a ladies event and Robin is hoping to put on a Potential Barbecue ride to attract new cyclists as we hope to try and get 2/3 events supported by British Cycling. BC through their summer of cycling promotion will be helping with the PR and supporting us with material, signage, banners and even coaching equipment. Hopefully if Lucy and Robin can come up with great plans they will need help on the days from members, as well as great free PR promoted by BC to get more people onto bikes. If anyone else wishes to organise an event and will take ownership of organising and controlling it, then contact myself or Robin. A big thanks to the coaches and committee for the commitment being shown and meanwhile be great ambassadors for the club.

Gary Burke.