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WOLVERHAMPTON WHEELERS CYCLING CLUB Welcome to the “Wheelers” one of the oldest and most successful cycling clubs in the Country

Forum Aim
The WWCC message board is intended to provide an online meeting place for the cycling community and is open to members and non-members alike.

General Guidelines
Please be aware, it is easy to cause offence on message boards by, for example, a poor choice of words or providing inadequate context. Inappropriate material which is deemed unfit for our members will be removed. Please understand that a wide range of ages read our board and what may not cause offence to one age range could well offend another.

If you wish to register with this forum and then be able to post messages you must follow some simple rules.

You will not succeed in registering if you do not use a UserName that is recognisable as belonging to you. Preferably your full name such as John Smith or JSmith. Do not use nicknames or coded names they will not be accepted.

If you have an email address which does not identify who you are you may also not get accepted. This will certainly be the case if your UserName does not identify you.

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