Wheelers on the radio

The Wheelers have long been a contributor to the Saturday morning sports show on Wolverhampton Community Radio (WCR) based at the Newhampton Arts Centre. Skye Stewart has recently taken over the show and will be interviewing our president Robin Kyte this Saturday (11th July). The show runs from 10.00 until 12.00 and Robin’s interview will take place (live) around 10.30. If you miss the show there is a playback facility included in the link below.

TT's 2020, UPDATED 26 JUNE

As it currently stands with the CTT, we will be allowed to run our Club Time Trial events from 05/07/2020.

CTT Amended statement re Covid-19 and Time trial events :-

"CTT is very much aware that clubs and organisers do need certainty about whether or not events can be held.  As the government guidance is not clear, and as the amended legislation will unlikely be available until 04 July, it is very unlikely that CTT will be able to give the “green light” in good time for those club events due to be held in the few days after 04 July.