Cycling Weekly's "A Ride With..."

As you are no doubt already aware, Sean Lacey runs a feature in Cycling weekly call "A Ride With..."

This features a Cycling Club and is based on a typical Club Run with multiple pictures, information. history, editorial comment and interview quotes...

Sunday 4th February is the day that the Wheelers will be 'filmed' so we need a cross section of members present - in Wheelers Kit .

Meeting at 9.00 am in the Costa Coffee Bar.

The ride is open to all aged 12+ and all abilities. It is based on a 50 mile ride in the Staffordshire and Shropshire lanes - starting and finishing at Aldersley Stadium.

Please see the link below for a GPS (Garmin) map of the route.

NB. It is not mandatory to complete the entire course - Riders may curtail the distance to suit their abilities and circumstances. 

Sean Lacey will accompany the ride and photos will be taken on route.

A cafe stop is planned after 33.5 miles at the Spider's Web cafe in Cosford where more photos will be taken. ETA 11.30am to 12.00 noon

I have agreed with the Stadium (Alex Lees) that we can finish the ride on the Cycle Track (as per our Reliability Rides) - Ron Ansell has kindly agreed to help with this.

For those not wishing to participate the club run/s will go off as normal at 9.30 am.