Track League starts - Wed 9th May

WWCC Track League starts May 9th 2018 and then every Wednesday evening until September 12th, weather permitting.

See all the details here

Week 1 Program (STC)

1) Scratch race (12 laps A group, 10 laps B group)

2) Elimination race

3) Unknown Distance

4) Marymoor Crawl (Longest Lap)

5) 22 lap handicap

Details of freewheeler races for younger riders are here

Week 1 Freewheeler program (STC)

1) 200 metre sprint Time Trial (Flying start)

2) 1 lap Time Trial

These first two events will be used to get an idea of ability in order to seed riders in the appropriate groups. Event 3 will be confirmed on the night depending on numbers and abilities.