Sunday Club Runs Restart

Now that Cycling UK is allowing organised rides for groups of up to 15 riders (including a designated group leader), we are recommencing Club Runs from the Stadium on Sundays starting from 9.30am this Sunday 6th September. The following Sunday 13th September the club 100/8 will be taking place. (More details will follow on this event). On 20th September many members will be participating in the Danny Mason Shropshire challenge starting from Ludlow although those not participating can still meet at the stadium for club rides.

A few reminders and general guidelines for club runs.

Club runs are social rides and anybody joining them must take responsibility for their own safety and well being.

Fast Group This group is race training, faster and with no cafe stop. It won't ease up or wait for struggling riders so you must know how to find your way home and fix your own bike if required, to go with this group. Distances are usually between 50-80 miles at averages between 18-22mph depending on the time of the year.

Middle Group This group is much more of a sociable ride, there is a café stop and the distances are usually between 50-60 miles at averages depending on the time of year of between 16-19mph. In event of break downs or punctures then the group will wait and assist. The group will wait for struggling riders providing their fitness is there in the first place.

Classic Group This ride will be ridden at a steady pace of about 15 mph over a distance of between 45-60 miles and includes a café stop. The ride will be led by an experienced Wheeler and no one will be left behind although you do have to be confident that you have sufficient fitness to complete the ride.

All riders should be fit enough to be able to sustain the guideline speeds for the group they have chosen to ride with. Track training is an effective means of improving your fitness.

On rare occasions some groups will combine when there are insufficient people to make alternative groups.

Road bikes only please unless you are exceptionally fit and able to maintain that pace on a Mountain Bike.

No Tri Bars fitted, these can be potentially dangerous in the event of emergency braking.

No riding with the fore arms resting on the tops of the bars.

All riders must ensure that they carry sufficient inner tubes, tyre repair patches, tools in the event of break down.

Riders should bring enough food and drink to sustain them during the ride.

A mobile phone is also advisable in the event of a major breakdown.

Bring along cash or card for the Café Stop and emergency recovery.

Groups should designate a leader and if possible announcing a route through SM and the website by Saturday would be helpful although we know it’s sometimes left to the morning.

As small groups have been meeting here there and everywhere it will be great to try and get everyone back to meeting at the stadium and to get some organised larger club social rides underway again.

Please share so that we can make everyone aware.

Gary Burke