TT's 2020, UPDATED 26 JUNE

As it currently stands with the CTT, we will be allowed to run our Club Time Trial events from 05/07/2020.

CTT Amended statement re Covid-19 and Time trial events :-

"CTT is very much aware that clubs and organisers do need certainty about whether or not events can be held.  As the government guidance is not clear, and as the amended legislation will unlikely be available until 04 July, it is very unlikely that CTT will be able to give the “green light” in good time for those club events due to be held in the few days after 04 July.

Accordingly, the suspension of Type B ‘club’ events is further extended by one week, up to and including 12 July 2020, to allow time to consider the legislation and any further government guidance that may be published around the same time."

This means that the first event below will not be held.

Wolverhampton Wheelers and WRCC will be holding the following events :-

07/07/2020 - Hilly 22 K21/22 Cancelled

14/07/2020 - Hilly 22 K21/22

21/07/2020 - Flat 10 K7/10 Hosted by WRCC

28/07/2020 - Sporting 11 K21/11

04/08/2020 - Sporting 11 K21/11

11/08/2020 - Sporting 11 K21/11

18/08/2020 - Flat 10 K7/10 Hosted by WRCC.

£4 entry on the line (we hope to have set up a card reader and so will be encouraging Contactless payments).

A rear red light is also now mandatory.

All participants will have to do a standing start (no holder uppers).

This is all based on the current guidelines and could be subject to change.