Track League

Dates & Times

WWCC Track League will take place from early May to early September, starting at 7.15pm. Sign-on will close at 6.50pm. The track will be open for riders to warm-up from 7.00pm. Prize presentation night will be September 4th.

There will be accreditation sessions for those who have not ridden the track before - during April once training has started on the track on Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

Categories of racing and eligibility

  • Youth - under 12-u16 . Generally suited to 2nd year u12 riders and above.
  • Cat B - mid-range riders (can be youth, senior, veteran). As a general rule, B category should include novice senior, junior and masters riders, male and female; for more experienced 3rd category seniors and masters, male and female, and junior and under-16 women - particularly those who are not racing regularly at regional level - the choice should be open to the invididual as to whether they opt for A or B category.
  • Cat A - fastest riders (can be youth, senior or veteran). As a general rule, A category should include elite, first, second category seniors and masters, male and female, plus second and third category juniors and third category seniors who are racing regularly at regional level. For under-16 male and female, and 3rd-category masters, male and female who are racing at national and regional level, the choice should be open.
  • At initial registration, senior riders and under-16s can request a category to race in - B or A - depending on their personal assessment of their ability bearing the above guidelines in mind. However, the organisers reserve the right to suggest to riders that they change category if their ability does not seem appropriate for the category they have chosen. This applies particularly to the B league, which is expected to serve as an introductory path for newcomers and talented youth riders. Winners of the B category league will be expected to register for the A league in the following seasons.
  • Under-16 males with dispensation to race with seniors will be expected to race the A league as per BC rules; for under-16 women, the decision should be open.

League Scoring

Senior A & B Leagues

The first 6 riders in each event will score 6,5,4,3,2 and 1 points towards their Senior A or Senior B overall league. The best 12 rounds scores from the season will count towards the final score. Where Senior A & B riders race together, the points may be awarded to the top 6 riders in each group, depending on the event type.

Freewheelers Leagues

As for the seniors, the first 6 riders in an event will score points. The final season total will be calculated from a riders best 8 weekly scores.

Sprint & Endurance Leagues

Each week, at least one sprint and one endurance race will count towards the sprint and endurance leagues. The first 3 riders in these events will score 3,2 and 1 points towards the appropriate league. Scores from all rounds will count towards these leagues.

Gear restriction

No Restrictions on gearing but we suggest a maximum of 51x15 (91.8 inches) due to the length of the track and probable wind conditions. However riders on a gear deemed to big will be advised to change to maintain a safe racing enviroment.

Women's racing

We are keen to increase the numbers of women who race Track; As it stands, there is no provision for women-only racing, meaning that senior women race with either the A or the B league men, depending on their ability.

“Racing up”

Second-year under-14s will be permitted to “race up” in the B league, on request. However, if they “move up” during the season, having done so they will not be permitted to revert to the Youth League, and the points they have scored in the Youth League will not be transferred to their standings in the B league. Those who make the choice to “race up” should be aware that they are not permitted to race against Elite or 1st category riders, hence if A and B events are combined - as can happen on rare occasions - their participation will be at the discretion of the commisaire Under-14s will not be permitted to “race up” with the A league.

Youth Gear restrictions

Riders must race within the British Cycling gear restrictions for their age, irrespective of which category they are racing in. No exceptions. Gear checks will be carried out before each night’s racing; to ensure fair competition for all, those riders who are not within the gear restriction for their age will be refused entry.

The gear limits for each age group are as follows:

  • under 12 (Youth C): 6.05m
  • Under 14 (Youth B): 6.45m
  • Under 16 (Youth A): 6.93m


For safety reasons, youth 1 and senior A + B riders are only permitted to race WWCC track league if they have been accredited for track riding (ie approved as competent and capable to race) by British Cycling registered coaches.

BC members whose licence carries the words “UK track accreditation” - i.e. they have been cleared to race at one of the country’s indoor velodromes - are eligible automatically, as are all those who are previous track league participants.

Riders who do not have “UK track accreditation” on their racing licences but who have accreditation at a UK track or who have raced in other UK track leagues should advise the organiser of this via email at registration, giving as many details as possible so that background checks can be carried out where applicable.

Riders who do not meet these criteria should arrange to attend WWCC track training sessions duing April to achieve accreditation before registering for the League. Novices may need to attend Monday evening sessions before moving up to wednesday track training sessions and minimum of 3 sessions may be required.

Riders who wish to gain track accreditation should contact the league organiser , who will arrange for them to attend a training session where they can be assessed.


There is no pre-entry for track league - entries are only accepted on the night - but to be eligible for the league’s overall standings and to enable accreditation checks to be carried out if necessary, riders must be registered individually before they can be permitted to race. Registration needs to be done once, after which the rider’s details will figure on each evening’s start sheet. For week one of the league, i.e. May 1st registration will close on April 24th. For subsequent rounds, registration will close on the Wednesday evening. Individual registration will cost £5.

Please note, riders without “UK track accreditation” on their BC licence, or who have not participated Track Training , who turn up to race without pre-registering or without making their accreditation status clear, may be refused entry, on safety grounds, at the commissaire’s discretion. If they are permitted to start but the commissaire feels they do not meet the required standard, they may be asked to withdraw and their entry fee refunded

Track League is about enjoying track racing and developing racing skills in a safe family environment. Above all its about having FUN.