Track League 2021 Round 15

Event Location

Aldersley Leisure Village, Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 9NW

Event Date

Competitive race programme which varies week to week, all categories eligible to ride. 

- Senior Group A

- Senior Group B

- Youth

Info for Riders

Racing is split by ability into categories A & B plus Youth, with four or five events per evening for each category, including a separate Veterans & Women's League

Please note that accreditation is necessary for all riders, either the UK Track Accreditation or proven prior participation in a track league. Accreditation sessions will be available on our track throughout May and ongoing into June. Please contact us by email for full details

Registration with the league is available this year for Senior, Junior and Youth riders priced £10

Event Entry

The league is an open event for all riders

You can register for the league on British Cycling here

Once registered, you can enter round 15 on British Cycling here

Please note that due to the current circumstances we will only be accepting online entries to this event.

Event Promoter/Organiser

Event promoted by:

Wolverhampton Whls Track League

Event Organiser:

Shaun Mason

Safeguarding lead:

Ros Clitheroe

Event Report

Round 15: 15th September Final Report

Shortly after this League started it quickly became clear that one rider would dominate the season. Tom White’s racing has consistently developed over the last two years despite there being no Wheelers League for him to compete in last year. It was only a (minor) injury that prevented him from making a clean sweep of all the races tonight. He follows in the footsteps of some distinguished Wheelers who won the League: Jake White in 2019, Matty Lewis 2018/2017/2016, Jack Escritt 2015/2014/2013 and Adam Lewis 2012.

Tom gained 296 points to take the overall win in Senior A and he also won Endurance and Sprinters League. Vet riders Mark McCann took second place overall with 252 points and Craig Whittle took third place with 168 points. The vets racing this year has been more competitive than it has been for some time and although Mark also won the Vets League he faced notable challenges from Carl Hardwick who took second place and Craig Whittle who took third in the Vets League.

In Senior B Ray Lovell made an impressive start to his racing by taking first place with 271 points. Second place went to Carl Hardwick with 202 points and third went to Mark Byard with 190 points. This year Genevieve Billington put in some serious racing to take the Ladies League prize.

Event Type

Track Race