Track Racing


Is based at Aldersley Leisure Village and is run every Wednesday at 6:30 (Freewheelers) 7.00 p.m. (Youth U14/16, Jun & Sen) from May to September. Watch the event listings for exact dates.

This asphalt track with a 22.5° banking is an ideal venue for novice and expert alike. Centred at the heart of this multi-million pound complex with excellent facilities, we offer racing for all ages and abilities.

Trophies are awarded to Seniors, Juniors, Youth, Ladies, Veterans, under 12’s & under 10’s.

If you want to race in our track league and you haven't done so before, you willl need to be accredited. Before the track league starts, you will need to attend an induction session (Mondays 8-9 pm) and 3 race training sessions (Wednesdays 7-9pm). See the Track Sessions page for more detail of the specific sessions - for track league, the Wednesday (Summer) sessions are the relevant ones.

All sessions are held at Aldersley Leisure Village. See the "Where to find us" page for details.