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Volunteering to help with club events

To: All members

From: Wolverhampton Wheelers Committee.

Dear all

We all had our own individual motivations when joining Wolverhampton Wheelers. Some joined to compete, others for the social side of bike riding; or other reasons. However, whatever the motivation it was in the interest of being part of something and the camaraderie that this can offer. We all also take part in different events, be it Track riding, Time Trials, Sportives, Audax, Cyclo cross, club runs etc in fact we put on a plethora of events which demand a lot of resources (mainly people's time).

All of the events we put on demand that we have a pool of volunteers to make the events successful, to do this we rely on the goodwill and time of individuals. We also understand that some people want to get involved in events that firstly may interest them and secondly they have the time to give; whatever the reason we all must respect individual decisions to support or not support events.

Our groups of volunteers at all of the events reflect the unity of the club to the outside world, and in light of this and the above the committee would like to ask all members the following:

1- Members where possible and convenient to them to volunteer to support events albeit marshalling, time keeping etc.

2 - Try volunteering to help at events that might not be of specific interest to you i.e. Track league, Tuesday night TT, Cyclocross..... You never know it may spark some interest.

3 - When WWCC are promoting a major event no other club events are promoted at the same time. Any club runs etc can we ensure the meeting points are well away from the event being promoted.

Any member must make the decision to help out at a personal level and that will always be respected. However, if you can help in any way it will always be gratefully accepted.


John Ireson
Chairman - Wolverhampton Wheelers CC