WWCC Ambassadors

The club is really pleased to announce that life members, Hugh Porter MBE, Andrew Tennant and Stuart Dangerfield (now living in Australia), World, or National Champions, were asked, and have accepted roles as Ambassadors for Wolverhampton Wheelers, unanimously approved by the club committee as we lead up to the Commonwealth games. 
Not many clubs can boast such a range of history, talent and knowledge at our disposal, adding the fact that Hugh was also BBC cycling commentator for 30 years.
All three have represented GB at World championships, Olympic or Commonwealth games winning many medals and awards in the UK and worldwide.
Many of our newer or younger members may not be aware of the history or achievements of three of our own, so we encourage you to research and google all three names and you will read so much about their achievements. Far too much to mention now, but younger members from our club will hopefully be inspired by reading about their lives and cycling careers to ride harder, train harder and dream.
With the Commonwealth games time trials heading to West Park, Wolverhampton we will be on the global stage to promote the city, the club and our history with great Ambassadors. 
I’m sure they too are excited that Wolverhampton is playing host in our own sport on the global stage and as we are proud of their achievements, knowing they started out at Wolverhampton Wheelers, we look forward to Hugh and Andy helping to promote the club when they can through the media. Stuart will be flying the flag in Australia for us even though after talking to him he would love to be here next year. 
As Wolverhampton has so much history and been such a major part of cycling in the UK we really feel that cycling is coming home and that many of our younger members will be inspired and others will take up our great activity and sport.