WWCC Track League 2017 Round 4

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Meeting cut short by rain.

This is the place where all the rising stars of the Wheelers started and indeed most of the UK professionals can trace the start of their careers back to this age so the importance of these events should never be underestimated. Clearly this is also the place where skills are learned and as these develop so does the young riders confidence.
Determination and enthusiasm abound in the Freewheeler racing and this kicked in right at the start of the first race; the As 2 Lap Scratch. Thomas White took a decisive lead with Oliver Hancher and George Dunn in hot pursuit. As Thomas is allowed to ride up to Youth he elected not to have his results counted but he still wanted to race. On the line George just managed push ahead taking first place with Oliver in second place. The Bs Scratch was over 1lap and here it was Oliver Ward who took a first. Competition between twin sisters Olivia and Ella Green was intense throughout all the Freewheel events but Olivia took second in the Scratch with Ella in third place.
The A Points race was another win for George Dunn and Oliver Hancher took second place. Ethan Stainke took a well deserved third place. Ethan had completed the 32 mile 'Ride for Joe' just a few days previously and was probably one of the youngest riders to take part. Joseph Koren came first in B Points with Oliver Ward claiming second. This time it was Ella Green's turn taking third place with sister Olivia settling for fourth place.
The last A event was a 2 Lap Dash and provided a hint of what is to come with Oliver Hancher, Thomas White and George Dunn all working together pushing the pace. Over the line it was George first, Oliver second and Ethan Stainke third. The B 1 Lap Dash provided the final piece of excitement with Oliver Ward taking the lead but Joseph Koren caught Oliver to take first place with Oliver having to settle for second . Olivia Green (third place) was just ahead of sister Ella again (fourth place) but I have feeling that this sibling rivalry will run throughout the whole season. So a presentation was made at the end for all the racing with the whole crowd agreeing what a good night's entertainment it had been.

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