WWCC Track League 2018 Round 18

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First race of the evening was the Keirin with Senior A rider Giulio Cervi ‘volunteering’ to be the derny. As Giulio set the pace for the B riders it was Oliver Ward who took his wheel followed by Liam Spruce. Oliver won the sprint closely followed by Niamh Fletcher. Both these riders completed the Wolverhampton Marathon 20k bike ride last weekend; Niamh with her dad Ryan and Oliver with both his parents Sally and Lee. The points difference between these two riders is very close and we will have to wait until the League finishes next week to see who wins the B Rankings. Liam Spruce was third in the B Keirin. Ray Lovell took the wheel first in the A event but it was Ethan Steinke who won the sprint with Ray second and Henry Lewis third.

The B Dash started slowly with all riders watching each other and trying to work out who would go first then Oliver Ward made his move with Niamh Fletcher once again in hot pursuit. Oliver took the win with Niamh second. Liam Spruce took third place with a very determined Micah Johnson in fourth. The A riders seemed even less willing to make their move but it was Ethan Steinke who was first to go with the others unable to catch him. Ray Lovell was second with Henry Lewis third.

The final two events were Handicap races which, due to the handicapping skills of the coaches, produced some interesting results. The B race ran over two laps and saw Micah Johnson setting off first. He held on to his position valiantly but could not avoid being passed first by Oliver Ward and then Niamh Fletcher with just half a lap to go. However he did manage to hold on to third place with Nyla Fletcher fourth, Kian Wiggan fifth and Liam Spruce sixth. The A race ran over three laps with Henry Lewis setting off first, then Ray Lovell and finally Ethan Steinke and this was exactly the order at the end of the race. Ethan has a clear points lead in the A Rankings but this didn’t stop either Henry or Ray still delivering the best race they possibly could.

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